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Hey, I'm Cecily, (She/Her).

I'm the one capturing moments behind the lens. The photos on this page pretty much sum up my vibe, always in oversized tees and comfy Xtra Tuffs or vans. When I'm shooting, it's all about telling your story, and yes, expect laughter—probably from my occasional clumsiness. Your comfort is key from the first hello to the last shot. I'm big on values, inclusivity, and body positivity, especially when it comes to social justice and human and civil rights. I am passionate about the diverse community that we are so lucky to be a part of. 

Me :)


I've been a creative spirit for as long as I can remember, exploring photography for about a decade. Always the friend snapping too many photos, documenting every moment for the memories. During COVID-19, I rekindled my passion through a class at SVC, seamlessly picking up where I left off. With the support of friends, my partner, family, and OG clients, I decided to turn my dream into a profession in 2019. I took the plunge, quitting my full-time job in 2021 to pursue this passion full-time. Since then, I've joyfully captured engagements, families, maternity, and intimate weddings across Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom County.

- c


I want you to feel like you have an idea of who your photographer is and what they stand for when booking. These photos aren't much, but it shows a little snapshot of my life, my photography peers, my loves, and my who I am. 

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