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I'm Cecily, I go by the pronouns She/Her, and I'm the face behind the camera. The photo below is a pretty clear idea of what you'll get when I show up to your session. I live in oversized tee's and my overly worn Xtra tuffs. The goal I have when photographing my clients is to tell your story, your way. I promise to have you laughing at your session by most likely tripping/falling on something or hyping you up and I strive to ensure you are comfortable in the process from start to finish. I pride myself on values and I am not shy to express what I am passionate about in my life, social justice, and civil rights. In addition, I am a judge-free, body-positive, safe, and inclusive person who appreciates diversity within the community I serve. 

Me :)


I've always been creative as long as I can remember and dabbled in the world of photography for about a decade.  I'm always the friend that takes way too many photos and wants to document everything for the memories. During COVID-19 I picked up a camera again for a class at SVC and it was like I didn't skip a beat and with the support of friends, my partner, family, and OG clients, I decided to pursue my dream of doing this professionally in 2019.  I quit my full-time job in 2021 to pursue this passion full time and since then, I have photographed engagements, families, maternity, and intimate weddings all over Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom County. 

- C


I want you to feel like you have an idea of who your photographer is and what they stand for when booking. These photos aren't much, but it shows a little snapshot of my life, my photography peers, my loves, and my who I am. 

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